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Joshua Tree Elopement

Check out this 70's inspired elopement from the blog. 

Getting married in
Joshua Tree? 


I love this National Park so much! It is a place that sparks so much creativity and reminds me how small I am. The moment you get closer & closer to the park, it feels like you're on a different planet! 

The hills start to surround you, and if you've never been before, it can leave you in awe. Awe of how small we are compared to the world around us. The crazy cool Joshua Trees are all over the place, and then seeing the huge rock formations that look so smooth when you're far away make you want to explore more. 

Before we get too far.. 

I'm a wedding & elopement photographer based in Oregon, near Portland. I have fell in love with California and Joshua Tree National Park when I first visited. 

I'm for all the couples who want to get away and do exactly what they want for their wedding day. That are totally cool with getting away with their family, not afraid to get a little dirty, and exploring the most beautiful creation. 

Let's get pizza after your vows, and get the most epic photos for the best day of your life. 

I can't wait to meet you & chat! 

I'm emily!

Some tips to help when planning photos in Joshua Tree

1. Get permits. 
2. Evaluate when to go! 
3. Pick the best spot
4. Rent an Epic Airbnb close by
5. Think who you're bringing

WARMEST MONTHS: June- September
These are the month that there are the fewest tourists & visitors due to it being so warm, especially mid-day! But the temperatures can get VERY warm.. if you decide to do your wedding or engagement photos here during these months, let's plan for early morning, or golden hour in the evening! That's the best time to avoid the crowds, and such warm temps!

BEST MONTHS: March- May, October- November
These months have the most mild weather, and don't TOO hot in the day, nor too cold in the evening. Ranging from mid 80's in the day to the mid 50's' in the evening! 
Note: March- May have some of the most visitors due to wildflowers blooming. Also if you're wanting to camp inside the park, BOOK EARLY! They tend to fill pretty fast! 

OTHER MONTHS:  December- February
These months don't have as many visitors, although, the temperatures are MUCH cooler, and can bring freezing temperatures at night, especially at higher elevations! 

2. Evaluate when to go

To do engagement sessions, elopements, and weddings inside Joshua Tree National Park, it requires permits. 
There is a permit fee of $120 for weddings conducted inside Joshua Tree National Park, and myself as the photographer would need to get a separate permit as well to photograph your wedding! (as your photographer, I would take care of my own permit)

1. Get the required permits

3. Permitted Locations

26-100 guests

25 guests or less

Indian Cove Amphitheater
This is really the only spot in the park for large gatherings. There is also no parking available, and guests will need to be shuttled to this area. 

1. Hidden Valley Picnic Area
No more than 35 people total and up to 8 vehicles
2. Turkey Flats
No more than 35 people total and up to 8 vehicles
3. Cap Rock
No more than 25 people total and up to 8 vehicles
4. Rattlesnake Picnic Area
No more than 20 people and 8 vehicles
5. Quail Springs Picnic Area
No more than 15 people and 8 vehicles.
6. Split Rock
No more than 15 people and 5 vehicles.

*All these locations & details are listed on the Joshua Tree National Park Website

4. Rent an epic air bnb nearby

There are some of the coolest airbnb's that surround the park. Here are some that I have personally researched or stayed at. 
1. Desert Sage House
This property is seriously so cool! Practically this house can comfortably fit about 10 people, and is also perfect to host your tiny wedding on the property, and take sunset photos at Joshua Tree National Park! 
2. Joshua Tree Desert Retreat
With the plethora of hammocks, jacuzzi, and game room-- This Airbnb is the perfect place to celebrate with your favorite people for your wedding day. Joshua Tree National Park is literally the background of the backyard, and the perfect place to do a day after session after the day of your elopement!  
3. Starship Landing: Luna House
This property LITERALLY feels like you're on a different planet. There are so many different spots to chill & play board games with friends, and could even have a spot where you could add florals to the ground & get married right there! (I would just get approval from the owner to do an elopement here!!) SERIOUSLY BRING ME WITH. This place is seriously epic. 
4. White Moon Ranch
I think this property is perfect for those who love to take days & mornings slow, with two hanging chairs at the front of the property; it is a great place to read & enjoy the desert that is surrounding. One unique thing about this property is that there is a mini golf course there! Seriously it's so cute & very conventional! 

5. think who you're bringing

When planning a wedding, it's smart to think about your guests and the needs that might arise with that. If that means Grandma is coming and is in a wheelchair, which locations would best suit her! 
Also if you want all family & friends nearby around the same place you're staying! 

If you're eloping: are you bringing your officiant, your best friend? Are you getting married at a courthouse and just saying your vows at the park? We can make all the things happen! 

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Adventure Session in Joshua Tree

Check out the coolest couple for their adventure session in Joshua Tree National Park. 

Joshua Tree Wedding Packages

all packages include travel +photography permits

Elopement Adventure: $3500
- 5 hours on Wedding Day
- 2 Photographers 
- Custom Elopement Timeline

Wedding Day Festivities: $4500
- 8 hours on Wedding Day
- sunrise or sunset photos
- 2 Photographers
- Custom Wedding Timeline

Whole Weekend Adventure: $6500

- 8 hours on wedding day
-Rehearsal Dinner
- Day after Session + Bridals + Next day adventures
- Custom Wedding Album
- 2 photographers
- Custom Wedding Timeline

Let's do the dang thing! 

Emily is an Oregon Based Wedding Photographer who documents your wedding day no matter what size you go for! Whether it's at a fun venue in Portland with 200 friends or exploring a National Park with just your family. She's ready to go where ever your love story takes you!