My goal as your photographer is to know you. To photograph you in this stage of life as it comes. No matter what it is, my hope is that you see those candids, personality pics, and see you as I see you. 

I will encourage you to DO WHAT YOU WANT. 
If that means, eloping at a National Park that you've been dying to explore, or taking your engagement pictures in your home because that's where you're the most comfortable. Truly I am here to serve you, and love you where you're at. Can we please be friends? 

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Wedding Photographer

Are we a good fit? 

I'm for the couples who:

would be down for a game night w/ my husband & i

want to cater your wedding w/ food trucks

are down to try some good coffee

love exploring beautiful places

want to stand in awe of God's beautiful creation of the world

want their wedding day to be exactly the way they want it. 

hey friends!!

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If you didn't know... 

I have a blog which is filled with sessions that i've done and posted on there so you can see full galleries && more current work! 

This can give you the best example of the type of images that you would receive in a session with me!  


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Feel free to fill out my contact form no matter where you are in the wedding planning process! I would love to help and chat about any details, or answer any of your questions! 

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