Hi, I'm Emily!

Wife. Mother. Jesus Follower.

Where it started...

2012 - started helping my dad with weddings, and learned how to use a camera
December 2014 - Colin & I started dating (in high school)
June 2016 - Said I never wanted to be a photographer
August 2016 - Started College, Majored in Math, Education & Christian Ministries
July 2017 - Got Engaged
December 2017 - Quit College
January 2018 - Started my Photography Business
May 2019 - Got Married! 
November 2022 - Had our first baby. Baby boy Pearce.

Engagement & Wedding Photos by Evoke Weddings

5 Things I do on Wedding Days besides Take Photos:

1. Full your Dress

2. Pin Flowers on your groom & groomsmen

3. Look for Stray Hairs or lashes

4. Basically your day of coordinator (if you don't have one)

5. Wedding Guru

So.. You're probably wondering how I got here? 

Well when I was growing up, my dad stumbled upon photographing weddings and at the time, I was too young to be home alone so I always went to shoots with him. Then it turned into assisting at weddings, to then second shooting at weddings. 

I held camera bags, clients extra outfits, and really got used to using a reflector. 

Just not what I had planned for myself

I will never forgot riding in the car with my dad the week of high school graduation when he asked me "would you ever want to take over the family business one day?", and I will never forget confidently saying " NO.".

I went to college to be a Math Teacher and a Missionary, so really I just wasn't interested at the time.

Until I took my dad's extra camera to the Romania on a short term missions trip my youth group went on and I took photos the entire trip. And after I got back, I convinced all my friends on my dorm floor freshman year to let me take photos of them. 

And just fell in love with it. I LOVE being around people and making people laugh and have a good time. 

Wasn't until the unexpected happened

After that first year of college, I had to transfer schools due to the cost, and after a semester at a state school, I realized that I didn't want to be a teacher after my first day in an education class. 

So I quit college and started this photography business to have fun and make people feel beautiful. 

After getting started I fell in love with weddings & couples

There is just something SO special about seeing two people in love and capturing those moments in one of the quickest seasons ever. A season of transition and change and excitement but you just can't wipe the smile off their face. 

Weddings are days of celebration that become just core memories into who you are.

And honestly it's just FUN. 

5 of my Favorite things about wedding days

1. Helping couples slow down enough to enjoy their day
2. Watching a groom see his bride for the first time on their wedding day
3. Seeing parents get emotional seeing their babies marry the love of their life
4. The moment when couples walk back down the asile after saying "I Do" with a huge smile on their face
5. Watching couples dance their faces off with all their favorite people


- Board Games (we like to say, unconventional board games)
- Strictly Feel Good Movies & Shows, unless it's Marvel
- My Blundstones & Chacos -- Literally only wear these two shoes
- Anything with Nutella
- Our Siberian Husky, Archer

Want to see for yourself?

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Alright, enough about me.. 
I want to hear about you! 


Em Photo is a Portland, Oregon based wedding photographer, often traveling across the Pacific Northwest for wedding photography. Specializing in warm and timeless photos that feel nostalgic and bring you back to your wedding day. Emily loves those couples that are a little goofy, true to themselves, and want to do their wedding their way - big or small!