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I want to ease your nerves first by saying - if you've never worked with a professional photographer, that's totally okay. This whole page is to give you an idea of what it's like to work with me! I just want you to have the wedding day of your dreams and have photos that can transport you back to those moments. 

More like a friend

I want to be more than just your photographer that’s there for your wedding day. I want to be your friend. I believe that you'll have the best experience when we have a foundation of friendship and trust, even beyond just your wedding. When you can trust me with these special moments, you know I will always be cheering you on! 
That being said, let's grab some coffee! I would LOVE to be apart of your life for this season, and calm your nerves when planning gets crazy. 

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your moments matter

remove any expectations

of what it's like to work with a professional photographer

I'm not a photographer that will tell you, "go over there, stand just like that, don't move, and SMILE!". Absolutely not. I care more about you loving on each other, goofing around and having fun. I'm not even worried about you smiling the whole time. Although, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to get you giggling!

I don't expect you to be a model or even feel completely comfortable behind a camera to start, I'll guide you through the whole process so it feels like I'm just your third wheel. 

Movement over everything

I use more prompt based movements rather than poses. Such as, having you walk with each other butt bumping or slingshotting each other toward me. I would rather you move around and just be focusing on each other than worrying about the camera. Honestly the real moments between each other are way more important than the perfect pose or perfect photo. 

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photos that you'll want to look back at and still love 10 years from now
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Growing up, we would frequently look at the old photo albums that my parents took with their point and shoot film camera and even the most mundane moments seemed significant. Those photos took me back to those exact moments, even if I wasn't there. 

So when you look at your photos, I hope you feel the same way. I am inspired by how film photos look, and that's reflected in your photos! 

iii. nostalgic

My worst nightmare would be for you to look back at your photos and think "that looks NOTHING like it does in real life". So it's pouring rain at our shoot on your wedding day, your photos will show exactly how it happened. 

Different times of days lend themselves to different colors so your photos naturally will reflect that. Golden hour (1 hour before sunset) will have more golden tones, middle of the day will have HARSH shadows but sometimes have brighter colors, and a rainy or cloudy day can have gray/ duller tones. 

ii. true to life

Always been drawn to warm toned photos because it always make me smile.
They tend to make me feel extra cozy, and like I'm in my happy place.

i. warm

Editing Philosophy

Don't just take my word for it

Kind words from past brides


"Emily did INCREDIBLE WORK on our engagement and wedding photos!! She was professional, thoughtful, encouraging, thorough, and overall great to work with. She helped us feel comfortable and confident and cheered us on the whole time! Her pictures are so dreamy and beautiful! We will cherish them forever!! Emily provided support and guidance through the whole process. We loved working with her and HIGHLY RECOMMEND! (Also, ask her about a bridal shoot, we loved ours!)"

- Hannah & Avery

"Emily worked with my husband to help surprise me with his proposal. We loved working with her so much we asked her to shoot our wedding before we even finished that shoot! She is very kind and has a wonderful bubbly personality that makes her so easy to work with. She made the shoot fun throughout the entirety of it. She did an amazing job keeping us on track for our wedding and making us feel comfortable and have fun throughout our entire day!"

- Chryssi & Grant

"One of the best decisions I made aside from marrying my husband was having Emily as our photographer. She went above and beyond when it came to supporting us through the process and giving us photos that showed everything we wanted in our wedding. I could not recommend someone enough because she’s not only incredibly talented, but an incredible human being. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without her." 

- Meghan & Tyler

starting at $500

Let's capture the season that you're in. These can be a weekend away or just a date day. Whether it's an engagement, anniversary or maternity session. We can go anywhere your heart desires, or even come to your home to freeze the life that you're currently living. Let's do this! 


starting at $1,300

You want to skip the big wedding thing and go somewhere more adventurous. Maybe you want to go to a National Park in a new place or head to a tropical island to have just 10 closest people to share in this experience with you! Whenever your wedding day goes, I'm here for every second of it. The sky is the limit when you're eloping. Rent the coolest AirBnB, have your favorite people, play board games all week, and get married right in the middle of it! 


starting at $2,000

If you're looking to have 25 people or less for that intimate celebrate of your marriage, this one's for you! It's so sweet to have those few important people by your side without as much worry of planning that whole party. A lot of my couples choose this option when they have a multi day event and want to take things super slow! 

tiny weddings
starting at $2,600

You're looking to do a big celebration with all your favorite people, and I'm here for it! We totally did the same thing and wanted everyone to celebrate with us and have a huge party! I totally get it, and I don't want you to have to miss a thing. The best days are those that are in no rush, which is why most of my couples have me on their wedding day for a full 8 hours (which even comes with a complimentary engagement session!). 50+ people and it's a party! 


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Em Photo is a Portland, Oregon based wedding photographer, often traveling across the Pacific Northwest for wedding photography. Specializing in warm and timeless photos that feel nostalgic and bring you back to your wedding day. Emily loves those couples that are a little goofy, true to themselves, and want to do their wedding their way - big or small!